I use this computer for Gaming and Video Recording and took some time getting the money for it, but was worth the wait and extra money. It is a very fast system which I love and is pretty damn powerful compared to my old Computer. Im able to play games at very stable Frames. For example I can play Arma 3 which is a very demanding game at Ultra Graphics between 50-60 FPS and on multiplayer between 40-60 FPS which is great. I also have tested the Forrest which I get between 70-100 FPS in Ultra Settings which is awesome.

As I do video recording I looked what Fraps would do to my frames when I record. On Arma 3 I lose 3 Frames per second whilst recording which is amazing and can now finally record HD Videos on awesome games.

Great and solid build, very quiet and looks great.

Part Reviews


For the price of this CPU, my computer runs great and I'm able to play CPU demanding games such as Arma. I tested out the default cooler and it isn't to bad at all, as it keeps my CPU under 50 degrees but is a little bit loud but is bearable if you cant afford and aftermarket CPU Cooler. The i5 is a great starting CPU if you can afford it and an awesome platform to upgrade in the future.

CPU Cooler

The Corsair H55 is a great cooler for its price, after a bit of fiddling around getting it in place on my motherboard it fitted well. Its very quite now but at first I had to move the tubes around so there is no gurgling nose from the water but now works a charm and my CPU idle temperature is always under 30 degrees.


I love this motherboard as it comes with a lot of ports in the back for all your perfiethelas which is great. It is also a very nice looking motherboard and goes well with my military theme. It comes with 5 Fan ports which is great so my setup stays nice and cool. It has an internal fan which you can add if you wish so the closed parts of the motherboard stay cooled as well.


These RAM Sticks look really nice in the build and work very well in my system as I do a lot of editing on my computer I'm still yet to see how the perform.

Video Card

This is my most expensive part and it is definitely worth the money and is a powerful graphics card. I'm able to play pretty much every game above 40 FPS and maintain that throughout my sessions which is awesome and was a great choice for this build.


This case really does make my build and looks fantastic. It comes with 3 default fans which are very quite and it has plenty of space for cable management.

Power Supply

Very good power supply, It is very quiet and does the job.

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