Hello I'm Lila and here is my PC! <3

My original PC Gaming Rig was a Toshiba Laptop with a AMD CPU & GPU with 8GB Ram. (2015)

I tried to overclock it and... didn't end well.

I soon after bought a used Pre-Built System for $500, it was an AMD FX-8350, GTX 760 and 16GB Ram.

This was my main PC for over 2 years.

Upgrades in order- 1. Corsair H80i 2. EVGA GTX 1060 SC (6GB) 3. Samsung 850 EVO (500GB)

In 2017 I decided I wanted to build my first gaming PC.

So in late June of 2017 I did.

My PC has changed a lot since it's inception and so has the name.

So goodbye CLEAR FIRE and Welcome Winter Schnee!

Part Reviews


Great CPU! Able to get a Stable OC @ 5.0 GHz 1.376V in CPU-Z (Lowered to 4.9GHz [1.335V])

CPU Cooler

Good AIO, other than no Corsair Link Support (Which I miss from my old H80) It's very good. Without link though the fan speed jumps around a lot. (LOUD!!!)


Amazing BIOS!!! Cool RGB and Great onboard audio!


Always had used HDD's until these.... I'm never going back! xD


Always had used HDD's until these.... I'm never going back! xD

Video Card

Best Price to Performance imo, great card.

Never over 70c when Gaming @ 50% Fan Speed with +95MHz on Core and +400 on Memory.

(75% Fan when gaming is around 55c)


Solid build quality, Cable shroud on the back is nice.

I thought the fans were full RBG though when I was buying though. So a bit disappointed...

Also gaps along the side panels let dust in... I hate dust....

Power Supply

It's Efficient, makes no noise and has Corsair Link support.


144Hz <333 Difficult to get calibrated/colours set correctly, but once you do it's really awesome!


Looks nice and feels good. Have had 2 die on me before though.


Best mouse for FPS gaming you can buy imo. It's amazing!

External Storage

Does its job holding all my music and photos :)

(Good Speed for an External Drive)

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  • 34 months ago
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swing that 1060 my way, lol, worthy upgrades great build.

  • 33 months ago
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Lol xd