I was able to get a Rosewill Nautilus mid tower case for the same money off eBay..I use for general home use and some school work and of course mild gaming. I play World of Warcraft: BFA and I have no problems at 1080p on the 8 preset (1-10) averaging 70-90 FPS. I also play through Steam and Origen: all 1080P at mostly high settings, including DOOM (Vulcan), Crisis3, ARK Evolved, Mass Effect Andromeda, Conan Exiles, and Battlefield 1.


  • 16 months ago
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I have a question: -Why did you get 4 x 4GB of RAM? (since I heard that first-gen Ryzen does not allow RAM to run at full speed with four sticks of RAM installed)

By the way, it's a quite good build. Though you'd far better off getting a better PSU.

  • 15 months ago
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Sorry for the delayed answer, this was my first build and on a budget. I had watched a lot of "Tech Deals" videos and went with his recommendations. I had started with only 2x4=8gb, but decided that 16gb for future gaming would be better, so I just bought another matching set. Yes, it really did help with the performance. The ram was able to OC from 2400 to 2600 with ease and stability with out and voltage play. My Asus mobo with the updated bios allowed my to take full advantage of the ram, maybe I got lucky or the bios updates fixed the ram issues.