As you guys can probably tell, my build has a few themes. Corsair, ROG and that sweet, sweet RGB goodness

I was actually surprised it powered on the first time as I usually break everything that I can without even trying to. Just goes to show that if I can do it, anyone can.

Not everything was smooth sailing, though.

For starters, I lost my job halfway through the build, so I was not going to be completing it in a timely fashion (This has been a 6-month project) and when I did get a new one, it was only for the holidays. In the end, I took out a loan with my parents and got the final few parts.

Then after I did get all the parts in, I realised that I didn't have the right architecture on my Windows installer USB! So I downloaded the proper one and then proceeded to screw around some more until finally, the build was complete.

you may notice that the reviews are affected by the RGB implementation. This is because the build was RGB themed, so I had to review all parts of it. If you're asking why, that's why.

Part Reviews


Overkill for my gaming needs, but the plus is if I ever decide to start streaming, it wouldn't be that hard to set up. Installation is less stressful than Intel in my opinion as well.

CPU Cooler

WAY OVERKILL for my CPU, but I got it mostly for the aesthetic. A 240mm rad would look kind of odd to me and I basically have OCD. I didn't want to go for a top-mounted radiator because of the temps that come with that, so a 360mm front rad it was. Same reason why I went with a push/pull config. Aesthetics. I was kind of sad that Corsair didn't continue their 360mm rad to the platinum editions, though. That would have been cool.


Looks amazing, RGB effects stay on even while powered off, which is cool. My only gripe with it was actually the BIOS. I couldn't find how to turn off the CPU header monitoring. Probably should have known better, but it would have been nice to have an ERROR! message on the label or dropdown, rather than blending it in with all the other N/A's. Also, it's a nice thing to have more than one USB 2 header. I didn't realise how much this would mean to me until I tried installing all my RGB components that used it! The RGB effect choices paled in comparison to iCue's variety though.


Went straight to 3200 Mhz without any fuss (I was scared about this because it didn't say if it was compatible with Ryzen, silly me). RGB effects are bright and have awesome effects and it's great that iCue lets you choose how the modules are positioned along the mobo.


Not much to say about it, really. Umm... Beats the hell out of an HDD? For real, it has great speeds and I love how the casing doesn't have the plastic where the SATA ports are like on the WD Blue SSD. It's plain and has no stickers which makes it easy to mount anywhere and still have a clean look as well.

Video Card

Gets a solid 100 fps on BF1 high settings on 3440x1440 RGB choices could be better, was expecting maybe some customisability between each of the 6 underside LEDs though. Turns out the whole card has to be one colour at a time. Would have liked to see some more customisation there, but the lights are bright so can't complain too bad


This case looks freaking amazing. I was kind of iffy when I saw how dark the tint was on the glass, but when that sweet RGB shone through it, it turned out to be a perfect shade. I realised that the garbage cable management job I did on it didn't matter at all and was completely shadowed out! The only downside is that the case has no place to show off your SSDs in the main compartment of the case, only at the back. This is a problem for me because I have that side of my case blocked off by a wall. Not a big deal though because most people won't have this problem and this was a one-time thing.

LL Series fans and Commander pro included with case The Commander Pro is really cool with its features, though I feel like the fan curve that was named "Quiet" was supposed to be quieter than it was. Other than that, the RGB implementation looks great on the fans no matter the size and they are quiet when you want them to be (after you install iCue) and perform well when needed.

Power Supply

I got this PSU because of my dad's PC that had the exact same one, just 100W more. I like the zero-RPM mode on the fan as well as the 7-year warranty. The platinum efficiency is just the icing on the cake.

Case Fan

The RGB implementation looks great on the fans no matter the size. They are quiet when you want them to be and perform well when needed.


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If you guys look at my reviews, you'll most likely see that I get 100fps on a 1440p ultrawide. The monitor that's in the picture is not ultrawide. It is also not 1440p. To put things short, I gave my dad my GPU while I couldn't use it in my unassembled build. I played BF1 and saw a 100fps framerate. That's it.

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Good build :D