It's called green machine because it was supposed to be white and green. Just thought I'd get that out of the way.

Anyways, this build was created purely for use as an everyday PC. I do game a lot though.

I knew I wanted an i5 for budget reasons, but my old i3 was awful. I do hear they've made some ecosystem improvements though. The motherboard and case were easy, as they both look beautiful and were at a good price point. Storage was a no brainer as well because I knew I wanted a Samsung NVMe SSD and this one was nice and cheap. Graphics was a 1060 by default, but I bought it before the 1080 Ti came out...

I still need to do more overclocking...

Anyways, I love this PC, and more improvements are to come.

Part Reviews


Fast and 4 cores! Also overclocks well, but I need to get it higher.

CPU Cooler

Bit expensive and hard to install (my fault really) but still a good cooler.


Beautiful motherboard with all the features I need.


I got these on sale at Newegg because Dominators were so expensive at the time (they used to only be around $100) and these were cheap.

They also look great.


Blazing fast and black PCB!

Video Card

Fast and good OC, but it is a bit heavy.

I bought it for like $320 before 1080 Ti.


Absolutely gorgeous case. Easy to build in too.

Power Supply

Cables could be nicer, but it's still good.


Bought this a while ago (10 years or so.)

Has some vertical lines, but still works.


Great looking when off. However, it does have a 1/4 inch band where the screen does not show.


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Key word: supposed.

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I was going to get corsair dominators and paint them green, but I got this really nice sale on G.Skill when the dominators were really high in price, so I just went with white and black...

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Dude what's that headset ?? It's looking niiice ;P

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The white steelseries Siberia 350.

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Thank you ! ;))

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Great build for $1300! And great peripherals!

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Wow we have the same exact motherboard, cpu, and ram