I was having some issues with the rig I built last Black Friday so I decided to refresh my Devil's Canyon build and see if it will last at least another few more years.

What's New:

Cooler: I'm technically downgrading from an H110i GTX but frankly i'm over the novelty of watercooling. Plus it was a really tight fit in this case and I felt like a decent air cooler would do the trick and look better. Currently I don't notice any difference in cooling performance. I assume this is due to the superior airflow of this new case but I could be wrong.

Motherboard: Also technically a downgrade but to me it's an upgrade. My old Mobo was a Z87 ROG board but it always had small issues with my 4790k. I had to tweak it out of the box because it tried to kill my CPU with voltage at stock settings. The onboard sound also had a weird issue where my speakers would pop and the left side was louder than the right side. Needless to say I wanted a new motherboard for a while now.

Case: I honestly had no choice but to purchase a new case as Z97 mATX boards seemingly don't exist on the market anymore. My Phanteks Enthoo Evolv mATX, while a great case, does not fit full ATX motherboards. However, this new Define C from Fractal Design has basically the same dimensions as the Enthoo Evolv mATX except it actually fits full sized motherboards and has much better airflow capabilities. It just came out about 3 weeks ago so there aren't that many reviews, but it looks great and the dimensions impressed me so I took the chance and i'm glad I did!

Video Card: Best Buy had a pricing screw up with this card and they honored the price for me. I just couldn't say no to this upgrade.

Keyboard & Mouse: Best Buy had a very compelling Black Friday offering this year on Logitech products. I've had been eyeing this particular mouse (G502) for some time now and I took the plunge when it went on sale. The keyboard was more of an opportunistic buy. I've needed a new keyboard for a while and I've been waiting for a decent Cherry MX Brown (or Red) keyboard to go on sale. This Logitech checked off all the boxes and is indeed a very good keyboard - especially for the price.

Overall I am very pleased with the build. It is the most aesthetically enjoyable case i've built and none of the "downgrades" have had any tangible impact on it's performance. The superior airflow of this case relative to my old one has nullified any negatives from downgrading to a budget air cooler (albeit a very sexy looking one) from a high end 280mm AiO. I'm not a crazy overclocker so this cooler works just fine for my uses while operating much more silently than my aforementioned water cooler.

Planned Upgrades:

  • 1440p Monitor
  • M.2 SSD
  • 2x 140mm Case Fans (Front Panel)
  • Black Sleeved PSU Cables

Old Build. The only upgrade I did on here was a GPU upgrade, the rest of the build is from the original parts list.

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  • 40 months ago
  • 4 points

omg! nice match at bestbuy.

  • 40 months ago
  • 2 points

It was crazy! I still can't believe they matched it.

  • 40 months ago
  • 2 points

Very clean and tidy I like it!

  • 40 months ago
  • 1 point

very nice build! would love to see some more photos! thinking of getting that case aswell

  • 39 months ago
  • 1 point

How was the case to work in, I'm looking to do my first build in that case and was curious what it is like?

  • 38 months ago
  • 1 point

Congratulations on getting that GPU for that price! I'm doing my next build in the same case, which is how I found your build.

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