Wanted to build a new tower for 2017, and to also play new games that my old 660 just couldn't handle. Went straight for the red/black theme, and I still plan on doing a few more things to both the case and the setup. Better lighting, graphics card support for the sagging,, and some decals or painting parts of the case. Bigger monitor to replace the 24", and some decent arms to get the monitors off of the table. More stuff to follow for sure!

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

First time using a water cooler, and man does it look quite a bit better than air cooling. Not to mention temperatures are much lower with water compared to air, but it still makes me nervous with water sitting above every electrical component.


Should be standard for most builds nowadays, and I've never used another HDD since.

Video Card

Huge card compared to what I previously had (660), but it definitely was worth the price.


Oh man, does it look good, but this case has quite a few extra wires for me to try and hide. I do like the cover on the psu and integrated LEDS, but the psu mounts for the SSD did not work for me due to the wires not being able to fit under my motherboard to get through.

Power Supply

Plenty of extra cables for me to use in the future which is always a plus.

Operating System

Took awhile for me to install on my SSD due to EFI/GPT config, but once I found out how to convert it it was a simple matter to install it.


Really do like this keyboard for the lighting, but I never use the macros on the side or the top. The space bar gets a bit shaky as well, and as far as I can tell, there are no replacement keys you can buy.


Razer Synapse. 'Nuff said.


Really only using these until I buy another headset, as these do not sit well around the ears and tend to squeeze my head a bit.

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I'm looking to do a similar build I'm I'm going with two MSI 1080s same case. From your experience with this build, how did the 1080 fit in there and how would two fit? Also was there any issue with the motherboard blocking any stowage holes for cable management? Thanks in advance. You got yourself I nice build