This was my first PC build ever. I use this build for gaming only. I am in the process of getting more modern games to better test out the graphics, but so far they look fantastic. The fan was slightly annoying to install but is extremely quiet. I thought my PC wasn't working when I first turned it on because I can't hear anything. Overall extremely happy I got everything to work and that it looks and feels great. Haven't gotten the monitor and keyboard yet, as I have some Hand-me-down ones that i'm using while I save money, or see a deal.

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CPU Cooler

Thought my PC wasn't turning on because this fan is so damn quiet. Somewhat difficult to install if you've never done it before (like me) and the fan is very large, but overall good product. The fan is large enough that it most likely hide your RAM, so if you have RGB you want to see, get a smaller fan.


RGB looks amazing on them, despite my fan covering them somewhat. Works perfectly.


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hello nice build

Can you share some cpu/gpu temps under load

  • 6 days ago
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Sure can do. It idles around 25 degrees C and after playing destiny 2 for a while it maxed at 48 and averaged mid to low 40's.

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Whoops sorry this is for the CPU specifically, forgot to add the GPU, and will do that when I get home

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Supposedly the DRP4 has very low ram clearance with that fan, but I keep seeing builds with RAM that should be too tall to fit. What's the secret? Did you have to move the fan higher to make it fit over the RAM?

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I didnt have to do anything special to make the RAM fit, I simply installed it first. But it does just barely clear my RAM and almost completely overhangs it, even with one of the sticks in the farthest slot. Very little clearance after all that, but it fits, albeit snugly.

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