As the colors of the lighting indicate, I am French so I will do my best to describe the whole in English. This is my first build ever, I'm coming from Xbox world (10 years of Xbox behind me). I decided to invest in a PC to pass a level, I am very satisfied with the result, although I always play with the controller because I'm much better with it, I still don't feel any difference in level on multiplayer FPS against mouse/keyboard players. If I had known that I was going to have so much trouble switching to the keyboard/mouse, I would probably have put less money in these devices, even if they didn't cost me so much, or I would have taken more sober material.

I made a mistake when buying an Aer RGB fan, I was planning to take the NZXT Hue + then finally I realized that what I had was enough. I still installed the fan, it lights up when the temperature of the GPU rises during a game.

I did a bit of overclock but nothing really pushed, just enough to enjoy the processor safely.

Some games performances (all Ultra 1440p):

Dishonored Death of the Outsider : ~85 fps

Battlefield 1 : ~125 fps

Rocket League : 144 fps

I listen to your advice and questions :)

Part Reviews


Nothing special to say, the overclock has not been a problem, it does not overheat. A little bit cheaper than the 7700k and visibly less risky. I was ready to take a Ryzen, but I opted for the cheapest solution (big offer of refund with an Asus motherboard).

CPU Cooler

Very effective, astonished to see CAM work correctly after reading so much trouble against this software. It still has a lot of room for improvement but for now I'm not complaining.


The motherboard is beautiful and the BIOS is well done. But man, Aura, please explain that, it's completely dysfunctional, you must have the chance to get the right combination of versions between Aura and the BIOS, and even there, your settings will disappear at random times. They don't even offer the means to import a configuration to go faster when their stuff crashes. Finally, the ports in the back are misaligned with the shield, and this isn't a fault of installation. Fortunately, the shift is small and inserting one cable by forcing is enough to re-align the whole.


They do the job, the personalization is cool when Aura works.

Video Card

I got it for a good price, I'm very satisfied. Initially I was waiting for the Vega, then AMD pushed it away and in the end I would not even have taken a Vega seen what they give, no regret.


Case known here, no need to add on its beauty, finish and efficiency. However, if you want to put an 280mm AIO in the front and if you have one HDD, you have to buy this : They give a cage for 2 HDD, drawers for 3 HDD, but they don't give the racket for the most common installation, that is to say one HDD, one SSD and the AIO where you want. Yes I could put the AIO on top but it's not the same result.

Power Supply

I didn't plan on taking such a good PSU, there was a good promotion and here it is.


I went from 1080p 60fps to 1440p 144fps, I don't think I need to justify my rating, this monitor is really nice, simple style, good colors, and then I avoid the price and risk of IPS equivalents. The cables are however a little short.


Really nice keyboard, the software is very complete. My old PC was a laptop so the notion of "silent" seems to me rather exaggerated haha.


Easy customization, efficient, lots of buttons and adapted to my hand.


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I was about to make a joke about being American and whatnot, but then your description. Thanks for ripping my heart out.


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C'est un beau ordinateur!


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Merci :)