Hello and welcome. This gaming rig is an upgrade from my previous build that i did in mid august this year, that have used some or maybe even most of the parts featured in this build. However, in my opinion changes to the hardware ware significant enough to post it as a completely new build. You can find it here Previews build used gtx 970 from msi that got replaced by gtx 1080 from msi as well, I swaped air cooler for an all in one liquid cooler. Simply for the aesthetics not performance gain. for aesthetic as well i got beautiful s340elite. And to take advantage from gtx 1080 potential i got rog swift pg279q, you know 1440p. 144/165hz refresh rate IPS panel g-sync and all that good stuff, and yes i got to say it is a game changer, it was absolutely crazy crazy from me to spent that kind of money for a hardware but hey, you only live once right? it was definitely worth it, and i love it!! i got completely sucked in, addicted in some way. id like to thank to all pcpart picker community for giving me all the knowledge i needed to complete my dream gaming rig and big big thank you to my wife for being there for me and giving me green light love you:*

Part Reviews


Amazing cpu, runs cool it's super quick. Best buy for the money when it comes to gaming. I'm loving it!!

CPU Cooler

Fantastic cooler keeps cpu well under 30C on full load, and it does it on quiet setting. Good looking unit. Cam software lets you costomize pretty much every thing including fans rpm and pump rpm independently. It could be a little bit cheaper though, but I guess you pay extra for the look. Nonetheless it performs extremely well.

Thermal Compound

Decent thermal compound


It got all the features i need and more. It supports Sli, it supports Raid, and it's all black!! incl. heat spreaders Rgb's on this board are discreet not to flashy. All connectors are in the right place, enough fan headers. and I love sata ports and usb 3.0 being at an angle made cable management look so cleaner. Highly recommend!!


Great looking set of ram, white pcb, white heat spreaders. It looks awesome and get's the job done!!


Incredibly fast ssd, used for the operatin system. It boots pc instantly:)


Used as mass storage, games, music, pictures etc. no problems so far!

Video Card

This is 1080 and it looks and performs well. Price it the only bad thing about it


Beautiful case im in love with it, well made.

Power Supply

Despite bad reviews this unit had I simply bought it because I got it really cheap and as Johnny guru mentioned in his review of this unit, "it is good 650 watt power supply with 750watt sticker on it"

Case Fan

its quiet even at high rpm, whoever thins its loud need to cap it down with fun curve, it solid


This is Glorious gaming and i love it!! no complaints!!


Its my first mechanical keyboard, and difference comparing to membrane is huge, it feels different i love brown switches, it is clicky but i think it is good thing. and i love tactile feedback too. And being RGB, customization options are pretty much endless. love my new keyboard the only thing i dont love about it is price :p


Accurate and well made mice.


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thanks to you all! :) id only wish i had better camera to take pictures with, it would have been so much nicer. And to put cheery on the cake i think i might get a new kraken x62 on some point in the near future

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Really nice build there :) +1

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Awesome build man!! The combination of Black and Red is done right!! I see a lot of people who go way overboard with red but this is perfect! +1

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does the black color of the pg279q match the black color of the s340 pretty well?

  • 23 months ago
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Sorry for a late reply, both blacks are not far off, monitor black is slightly brighter greyish kind of black but you don`t really notice that unless you really have a close look in a bright sun light. So answering you're question, yes there is a slight difference but definitely nothing that will put you off. For me its a perfect match :P

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