Does anybody here remember Vera Lynn?

Forced song references aside, This is my first build in all her glory. This description will bit bit brief for now, but I intend to update it after tweaking things in the bios and getting ram up to speed, as well as perhaps a cpu overclock (after all, it is Ryzen.)

Was 8 cores overkill? Certainly. This is more of a daily driver and gaming system, but the world of video production, SFM animation, and perhaps streaming as well as photoshop interest me and I simply couldn't try those things on the old prebuilt dell inspiron from 2010 with an i3-550.

The only reason that I got the 1700x is that it was $200 at microcenter as a bundle with the motherboard, upon recieving the rebate (Which, lo and behold, I actually did).

Cable management isn't fun when you're a first timer, but I intend to improve in future builds, and not bend the usb 3.0 header pins again. The final picture is what it looks like now, lackluster cable management, but not horrendous.

(edit) I have taken an interest in pc hardware resale, I replaced the 1060 with an r9 390 so I could use the 1060 on a budget build for a friend.

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  • 20 months ago
  • 1 point

Nice build you got there. (Even it's two months late)

Also, do you plan to overclock your RAM?

  • 19 months ago
  • 1 point

(Oof one month late reply) I've been thinking about it, I'm fully aware of some of the ram compatibility issues Ryzen one has with slower ram. I have the ram running at its clocked speed rn.