This system started it's life as a dell xps 8500 this Christmas I was finally able to put the majority of those parts into a system for my girlfriend while I upgraded to the x399 platform. This machine will primarily be used as a Plex server which I share with my friends and relatives. I will also be using it for college related tasks such as Revit and Bluebeam. When I'm not doing either of those I'll be taking advantage of free electricity and leave it mining crypto currency.

Part Reviews


Preforms well and is a vast improvement to my last CPU. Transcoding video while doing other things on my computer has been a nice change. Only downside is that motherboards for this CPU are expensive and require a beefy cooler.

CPU Cooler

Keeps 1950x cool under 100% load, is heavy and seemingly well built. Had difficulty screwing in the included fans not sure if it was me or the holes on the rail were slightly off.

Update 6/20/18 - CPU started thermal throttling and then eventually crashed, went on Newegg and discovered people were having lots of issues with this cooler dying due to corrosion or evaporation. The bearing on two of the fans went bad in this time period too. Replaced with the 140mm Noctua cooler which seems to be working great till I get parts to water cool.


Was able to boot up everything first try and was able to set ram to it's correct frequency of 3200 with no issues. The additional fan header board was nice addition so I can currently control all of my fans through the bios fan controller. Wish the LCD display that shows temperature and other information was located somewhere else as it gets partially blocked by one of the exhaust fans in my case. The RGB on this motherboard is there but not as Ott as the arorus board in my opinion, which can be a pro or con depending on the person.


Was able to get it working at advertised frequency and the RGB looks pretty, only downside is the cost.


Using this as my OS drive and it has significantly increased boot times by a few seconds. Overall very happy but seems like they keep going up in price so don't want to get another until the price goes back down.

Video Card

Is able to run all the games I play on high to very high settings at 1080. Cooler is fairly loud but most blower style cards are.


Large case with plenty of room to work in and fits my eatx motherboard fine. Love the multiple options for fan and radiator support. Wish that the bottom had support for 140mm fans and the inclusion of a psu shroud as cable management can be difficult. Area behind motherboard is good but would be excellent if it had one centimeter more of width for thicker cables. My cases front facia bows out slightly which is a minor grip but overall looks sublime and would fit in an office or gaming environment fine.

Power Supply

Moved to this power supply after my corsair cx750m died. Has enough eps connections for threadripper and Platinum rating which was nice. Slightly more expensive then a bronze or gold supply. The inline capacitors location is poor.

Case Fan

Quiet fan that seems to preform well, while giving a stylized look without over doing it.


  • 25 months ago
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The RAM in the third picture reminds me of two lightsabers.

  • 25 months ago
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lmao i see it too

  • 25 months ago
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Nice RGB. 2017 likes ur build.

  • 25 months ago
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Lol. I wanted the standard red and black build but haven't gotten around to installing the controller software.

  • 25 months ago
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2017OrDie(until 1/2 days later)

  • 2 months ago
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How is the motherboard performance/reliability so far? and is it suitable for daily usage (gaming etc) ?


  • 25 months ago
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What raid setup are u running and with what controller? Also what hashrates are you getting when mining (CPU only)?

  • 25 months ago
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Yeah currently contemplating wether or not I want to do a hardware raid or software solution like a windows storage pool. The Zenith extreme only has 6 sata ports for some reason so I also have to decide if I want to just get a sata expansion card or something more complex which will depend on if I do hardware or software raid. This is further complicated since most of the drives I have are full of Linux iso's from my previous build and a small nas. Mining on the 1950x is interesting as in nicehash it shows up as two CPUs with one getting a hashrate off 400H/s and the other getting closer to 250 H/s mining CryptoNight. I haven't overclocked anything yet and I'm interested to see if there's anyway to get it more optimized.

  • 24 months ago
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Damn, those are some good hash rates for a cpu. Please follow up with what you are doing because i just got 2 5TB drives and i just found out you need windows 10 pro in order to use software raid 1. I dont know whether to go with the $100 upgrade for pro or to just but a raid controller.

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why are the fans blowing air in from carpet... and why is this thing sitting on carpet to begin with....