I told my 12 year old son he could gather up some money from Christmas, from his Birthday, and doing chores, and I would buy him parts for a PC that he could build. He made enough money to build a PC suitable for his needs. He mostly does homework on it, and at times some light gaming. Everything worked well, and the PC is working fine for him. Overall he is satisfied with his build.

Intel Pentium G4560
Arctic Alpine 11 GT
Kingston ValueRAM 8GB
WD Caviar Blue 320GB
GT 1030 2GB OC
Corsair Carbide 88r
Enermax 450W 80+ Bronze
Asus PCE-N15
Some good Gummies

This was built sometime in January, but I’m only posting it now for some reason

Part Reviews


Good Budget CPU with Hyperthreading, works great. Good Price

CPU Cooler

Bought a used CPU on ebay but it didn't come with a CPU cooler. Got the cheapest one and it cools fine


Cheap Motherboard, works fine, has an M.2 slot. Looks brown in some pictures and i'm not really a fan of that. But it's okay


It Randomly Accesses Memory. But I don't like the green color, but that's me being picky


Provides enough storage for me, and fast enough

Video Card

Great budget graphics card, amazing for light gaming, and it's Overclocked. got it for 70$ on Amazon.


MicroATX mid tower that looks great. easy to work with, good price, space for cables, and has a side panel window.

Power Supply

Provides enough power for my system, and has flat cables.

Wireless Network Adapter

Good wifi, works great as I am far from the router


Unfortunately, they are not compatible with my system, so I ate them

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  • 23 months ago
  • 10 points

Nice tater with a side of gummy gravy

Thumbs up.

  • 23 months ago
  • 7 points

I really hope I don't see anyone here raging over the fact that you didn't pick a Ryzen APU, being that you built this in January.

The gummy bears item was a nice detail, lol

  • 16 months ago
  • 1 point

Could've used a Ryzen APU.


  • 23 months ago
  • 6 points

FOOD Haribo - Gummi Bears 5oz Bag Food Unfortunately, they are not compatible with my system, so I ate them


  • 18 months ago
  • 5 points

Lmao a piece of paper for a mousepad

  • 8 months ago
  • 3 points

We've all been there lol

  • 23 months ago
  • 3 points

Lol the gummies

  • 11 months ago
  • 2 points

Not bad!

  • 28 days ago
  • 1 point

Im a fellow 12 year old that I am wanting to build a pc

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