So, having been gaming for 4 years on a samsung ultrabook with integrated graphics (scoring an astonishing 27fps in CS:GO on minimum), I decided enough was enough and I was going to start saving for a decent PC. I started off knowing absolutely zilch about PCs, but after reading around, spending time on forums, and watching vids, I came up with the first iteration of this build. It had an i5 7600k and RX570.

Then I was able to pick up a casual job (I'm still in high school) and was able to expand my budget a little. And then... then the RGB virus got its hooks in me and there was no turning back.

So this build was primarily based around making a mid-range PC that could tackle 1080p gaming with all the bells and whistles. During planning, I saw that the majority of the good-looking builds were enthusiast level, high end rigs costing $3000+, and I thought to myself, hey, I want to do that too. I was originally going for the mastercase pro 5, but the H500P came out at my local store and the mastercase went off the catalogue so I decided that despite the community hate, I was going to grab one anyway. I reckon that objectively it isn't a bad case, roughly around the middle in performance, just that it doesn't live up to its branding as a HAF case.

I had no big issues during the build process, in fact copying games across from my laptop was a lot more difficult. The only issue I encountered was with cable management, but this was my fault for using cable extensions. The end of the original 24-pin cable that plugged into the extension was bunched up and as a result a few millimetres wide. Because of this, getting the back panel on was difficult, and it bulges by about half a millimetre (not noticeable unless you're looking for it). Unfortunately I have no photos of the build process, as there wasn't a good enough camera on hand, but it went smoothly and only took a couple hours.

I am currently in the process of RMAing one of my fans, as its a little off centre and ticks when it spins between 800 and 1300rpm.

Don't be fooled by the Kraken Chroma in the photos, they were taken before I got my Sennheiser GAME ONEs, and they are miles better.

I briefly explored overclocking, and it was a breeze to do so, but I haven't given it an overclock simply because I don't need it (I get at least 60fps on ultra in all my games, PUBG, ARK, R6, BF1, etc) and I like having low temperatures.

I was in fact accidentally given the RM650i, instead of the RM650X, but hey, not gonna complain ;) I haven't used corsair link since I don't have any free USB headers.

Overall, I'm really happy with this build, as its the first thing I've saved up a significant amount of money for. It handles everything I throw at it no problems.

Future upgrades I am contemplating are: - A volta gpu definitely (going to sell the 1060 at some point). - A newer ryzen chip, mobo, and an AIO a few years down the track

Thanks for reading!

[EDIT] Sorry for the sub-par image quality. These originally came out as 4k, but since Australia is in a technological dark age and I enjoy an upload speed of 0.2 mbps, uploading 5mb files resulted in "error uploading image", so I had to downgrade them to a couple hundred kb.

Part Reviews


What else is there to say? When it comes to midrange multicore value, the 1600 was hard to ignore.


Looks amazing, works amazing. Fantastic in every respect, except the EMI on the sound messes with my headphones so I keep them plugged into my front panel.


Oof, the price. Regardless, the speed is great, and they look fantastic.


I was originally going for a 250GB 850 EVO, but after I saw this overtake the 850 and come even with the 860, for a lower price I couldn't resist. I dislike the design (I think we can all agree it looks dated), but I don't have to look at it so no big deal.

Video Card

The choice between this card and other 1060s was one of aesthetics. Probably my favourite looking card on the market right now. Only gripe is that the two rgb strips are slightly off from each other, but since I don't display it vertically this isn't a big deal.


"Oh no, not the H500P". It's fine. Keeps my stuff cool, looks cool, and the cable management is second to none.

Power Supply

I'm not hugely knowledgeable about PSUs, but it's quiet and hasn't killed any components. Modularity is great too!

Case Fan

Hmm. I got these primarily because they sync with Aura, and didn't break the bank. They aren't the most attractive compared to a brand like Corsair, but they're vibrant and push air well. Not hugely loud, not very quiet either. RMAing one of them because it's off centre and ticks as it spins.


As someone who has only ever played on a membrane keyboard, this is amazing. Best keyboard I've ever used. The fam complain about the noise, but it's a small price to pay for an amazing keyboard.


Only bought these yesterday, since my Krakens were starting to age and were getting a little uncomfortable. I've never worn open backed headphones before, but I have to say it's pretty nice being able to hear how loud I'm actually talking, since I used to yell when I wore my Krakens. They sound amazing too, and the microphone is so good my mates complain about my breathing. Also really comfortable.

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  • 22 months ago
  • 2 points

imo i would add something fancy in terms of cpu cooler, although its purely for asthetics as the stock cooler will do the job on ryzen, [unless high oc] maybe something from cooler master?

  • 22 months ago
  • 1 point

I seriously considered the ML240 RGB, but I'll be saving the aftermarket cooling for my next chip. IMO the wraith spire is sexy as it is :) I even rotated the logo so it wasn't lopsided.

  • 22 months ago
  • 2 points

That's an awesome build +1!

  • 22 months ago
  • 1 point


  • 22 months ago
  • 1 point

The front panel on that case is on par with my case in terms of being pointless for air flow xD but I know the feels. Also, you will thank yourself for getting your R6 1600 up to at least a stable 3.7GHz OC!!!

  • 22 months ago
  • 2 points

The air flow is fine, i notice a small increase when i remove it. I have gotten up to a stable 3.8, but I don't think ill do it unless I need it (star citizen, perhaps)

  • 22 months ago
  • 1 point

i have the mobo building it at the moment is this ram absolutely fine with is as I know it is not on the QVL

  • 21 months ago
  • 1 point

Yeah, I've had no problems whatsoever. Generally it's best not to bother with the QVLs, because they are only current with when the Mobo was released, or are incomplete to start with. Go ahead, it'll work fine.

  • 20 months ago
  • 1 point

How's the temps in the pc? And also hows the airflow. Asking because I've seen so many complaints about the airflow. And also nice build +1!

  • 20 months ago
  • 1 point

Thanks! Temps are listed on the page :) Airflow is really good, I notice an increase in airflow when taking off the panels but as you can see temperatures are great anyway. I think people complain about its airflow because it was marketed as a HAF case and turned out to be about mid-level.