CPU - For future proofing I went with Skylake. i5 is enough for me. I plan to overclock after the warranty expires, hence the K version.

CPU COOLER - I was between this and the H100i and decided to get this to fit my budget. Will be fine for stock cooling, may upgrade later when I start OCing.

MOTHERBOARD - I like ASUS for motherboards, and this had a nice feature set for a Micro ATX. Update Had to RMA it. Wouldn't POST. Replacement worked fine!

MEMORY - Got a deal on these 16gb 2400 for ~$70 + Rainbow Six Siege, nice!

STORAGE - SSD + Storage

VIDEO CARD - Was going to go with the 960 but decided on the 970 so I can max stuff at 1080p. I prefer the efficiency of the NVIDIA cards. I also got Rise of Tomb Raider with this purchase!

CASE - I fell in love with this case and worked my build around it.

POWER SUPPLY - I upgraded to the P2 for basically free with the $30 rebate. More power than I need, a top tier PS. As a power electronics engineer, this makes me happy. Also note that these power supplies run at maximum efficiency at about 50% load, hence the overkill here.

KEYBOARD - It was on sale, and I needed a better keyboard for gaming. Hence this purchase.

MONITOR - got this to replace my 6+ year old ASUS monitor as my primary. IPS monitor refurbished from Acer for $70?? crazy deal!

May try and improve the cable management when I have time but its functional for now.

I placed a more aggressive fan profile for the CPU and GPU. I am trying to keep the GPU below 80degC and CPU below 70degC at all times. So far, I haven't seen the CPU go above 50degC or the GPU go above 70degC, fans not even close to 100%. Nice!

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

Is this thing even on!? Super super silent. Keeps my 6600K, non-overclocked below 50degC even during heavy load. The instructions could have been a little more detailed; for example, I found out from the forums it is best to keep the pump running at 100% (~4100RPM). Also make sure to attach it to a CH FAN header and not the CPU FAN header. Use the fan attached to the heatsink for the CPU fan header. I may replace the heatsink fan with two static pressure ones in a push pull configuration, but I don't think it is really needed yet. I will overclock later and then it will show it's limits. But dang this thing runs SILENT!!


The first one I got had a VGA problem and I had to RMA as it would not POST. The second mobo worked fine. Generally I haven't had an issue with ASUS in the past, and this mobo is fantastic if you get one that works. I think since Z170 is relatively new and these mobos are newer products there are bound to be more bugs. But my system is stable now and working just fine. I have not tried overclocking yet, however. Bios and software for controlling fans works well!


Wow what a case! I fell in love with the design of the Corsair Air series, decided to go with the 240 as the 540 looked way too big. It ended up being a solid choice! The two chamber system makes for a super clean design. The included fans are OK, although they are airflow types and with the compactness of the space inside I think static pressure ones would be better. Everything fit fine in here. The power cables for the graphics cards touch the side panel glass but it is OK. White version is slick as well!

Power Supply

I got this 750W Platinum version for a steal! EVGA P2 series is fantastic, as a power electronics engineer I understand the importance of clean and efficient power delivery and boy this thing delivers. The packaging when I opened it was incredible...felt like I was opening some golden unit or something haha...nice experience!

Wireless Network Adapter

It is very flaky with the internet connection. on 5GHz it drops out a lot. on 2.4GHz it doesn't drop but i notice a lot of lag in games, especially D3. may look for another solution to provide wifi to my desktop, or possibly just buy a long lan cable to route to my router...


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I have a custom fan profile to basically not allow temps to go above 75degC at full load. I also added two fans on the bottom of the case to blow air onto the GTX970 directly; it actually helped a lot!

I am not seeing much heat inside the case at all TBH. motherboard temps dont go above 35degC at full load and my CPU temps have been under 55degC under full load