Tests machine for development and early stage models of my attempt at a gravity, velocity & co-ordinate based model of our solar system. (Matlab in windows, maybe followed by fortran)

Small case size and low tdp (circa 125W max) combined are fun. Hopefully i7 six core will be quick enough.

SFX power supply seems to rely on some form of antigravity system to keep it in place (plus some tiny screws attached to frame)

Case too big really (would have fit in a htpc with external psu) but this way it allows me to add a gpu if I need to do parallel / cuda processing

Part Reviews


Looks good value at about £40 less than the 8700K. If I need to overclock then it really means I need to move to twin Xeon on a P10 m/b

CPU Cooler

This seems to have changed from the previous generation to be 115x specific, good snug fit, very easy to install (unlike the stock cooler that came with the cpu) and height is in line with top of I/O panel.


At about £60 cheaper than the Z370 this seemed like good value (Aria pc). Everything fits just right. I still need to figure out how to turn off the lighting system .. but all in good time!


Good value but not as low profile as the ddr3 crucial ballistic sport I had on a previous build.


Don't need much storage and saves £60 ish vs a 500GB (Aria)


Great little case .. about the size of two small beer bottles next to each other. Lower rear right rivet needed a little trimming internally to allow for the big internal I/O cover on the m/b.

Power Supply

Ridiculous levels of spaghetti (who uses molex cables these days?) .. fully modular would be better ... and gold 80 would be nice to have. But its the only 300W sfx psu I could find (probably need less than 200W really with the 125W tdp) and paying twice as much for a 450W gold modular sfx seemed unnecessary (unless I get an epic scale gpu one day). It'd be nice when if psu makers get round to making much smaller, lower power Gold rated (or better) power supplies.


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I too witnessed the anti-gravity SFX in my system!! Good luck completing the model...

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temps? nice build

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the bios set fan speeds to a default. When I powered up and left it in idle the cpu went from 28 deg to 40 deg in about 10 mins so I tweaked the cpu fan profile. to 35% at idle (ramping to 50% at 40 deg then ramping to 100% at 60deg). Not seen it above 35deg since.

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nice, what about when youre gaming?

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a little late but what the dimensions for the psu? hopefully it will fit my pc, but kinda dont want to dump more money on it.

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The fan that came with the case, do you have it going intake or outtake?