Just wanted to build another rig in a mini itx format this year. Everything fit well, the only issue being I came from a F31 Suppressor case (very quiet) and of course heat. Everything is audible in this thing, lol.

Some adjustments: Switched the cpu cooler to 'silent mode' in the bios, and set the intake and exhaust fans (200mm front and dual 80mm rear) to 60ish % pwm. Much quieter.

Voltage adjustments to make these fan speeds work:

I under volted the GPU to 70% power limit while still hitting full boost speeds.

The cpu is undervolted by 75mV with no loss in clock speeds.

I may tweak the voltage on the ram to see how low I can go without losing my 3200mHz.

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  • 2 months ago
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Could you get that ram to 3600mhz do you think? or 3733