Using for video editing and light gaming tied into home theater. Home theater has a projector and surround system It may have to step in and do some engineering computations (FEA) and low end CAD and FEA-Post Processing if my old workstation dies, but that is not intended. Budget was $2k including peripherals. I built this over late 2018 and early 2019 with the build completed around tax day. Prices shown via current links are not exactly what I paid in most cases, whole build minus elgato (since I had that already) was ~$1700 after taxes

Some RGB for fun (and theater lighting lol), sticking with random pattern for now

  • AMD Ryzen 7 2700X - this build started with a difficult decision between Intel and AMD, as most do. I chose the AMD do to its value and stock cooler being more than adequate.

  • MSI X470 Gaming Pro Carbon- got this on sale for ~$150 around cyber monday

  • 64 GB of RAM - video editing can sometimes hog RAM, and if I need to do some FEA it will be well worth the extra now... for some reason it was cheaper to buy as 2x 32 (2x16) bundle rather than the 1x64 (4x16) bundle, its why the ram is separate in list

  • WD Blue - boot drive, Windows and low r/w software

  • WD SN 750 - main working directory, also has linux partition for FEA solving, i have this setup so it can go to another machine if needed in the future.

  • XFX Radeon RX 580 - great value and performance 580, I was seriously considering spending the extra for a new RTX but I decided under budget was better. Again, ideally this will be used primarily for video editing

  • Corsair 540 - great airflow, plus I initially wanted a borg cube theme (green rather than just letting the randomness flow) :)

  • 750 W power supply- over-sized to allow for expansion

  • Sound Blaster sound card - allows for 5.1 Surround (can tie into the room sound) plus 2 mic inputs for voice-over

  • Acer monitor- 75 Hz, good value, low latency and freesync, built-in speakers too. mount is lacking in adjustments.

  • Elgato HD60s - game capture card, not purchased for this build specifically

  • Redragon keyboard and mouse combo - value gaming keyboard and mouse combo

I'll add temps and stress testing once I do a bit more, but initial use has been good and its not a priority since this isn't my main gaming rig. so far I haven't seen a temp above 57 (celsius) while gaming (bout 60% cpu usage and 93-98% gpu usage)

Part Reviews


Really happy with this so far, its performance at its price is why I chose it. Stock cooler has been more than adequate.


Got on sale ~$150, has terrific features and was easy to install. Oh, I should mention the compatibility warning isn't complete on this site. there are 2 m2 ports, the top will disable the 5th pcle slot while the lower one will disable a sata port. the top drive will not read a sata m2.


Fast boot times. Windows 10 installed in minutes and it boots in seconds.


Noticeably faster than the blue version. competes with Samsung speeds in read, slightly slower in write speeds. Slightly cheaper than the samsung evo plus.

Video Card

Physically massive gpu. takes up 2 card slots, so make sure to plan into build.

One of the best RX580s on market and competes well above its price.


Unique case, great airflow and got it on sale

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  • 8 months ago
  • 1 point

Nice work! What are your thoughts on the audio card? I don't plan to do any type of home theater with my build but also doubt the on board audio for the pro carbon mobo is any good with higher end headphones. Also, thanks for the info on the m.2 slots... didn't know that.

  • 8 months ago
  • 1 point

It is pretty awesome, actually capable of 7.1 channels, but I only tie into 5.1.

The mobo on-board sound is surprisingly very capable and has the same size amp as the sound card. it is also capable of 7.1 surround. the advantages of the sound card are primarily EAX sound, the mixing software and the multiple lines into the card (2 mic and a 3rd that could be a guitar in) that the mobo doesn't have.

  • 6 months ago
  • 1 point

Hey, Can you confirm what speed the ram is running at? As having so issues getting my ram to run at 3200 with all four ram sticks

  • 6 months ago
  • 1 point

What are you using to monitor the ram speed?

  • 6 months ago
  • 1 point

I asked how you are checking because if you are using CPU-Z or another 3rd party software to check it may be reporting half the actual speed. DDR stands for double data rate and you just multiply the reported frequency by 2 to get actual speed.

if you are on the mobo it should register the RAM speed of the sticks, and depending on mobo manufacturer may have a tuning or profile to set the ram to. in addition to this msi afterburner or Ryzen Master may also have profiles you can apply to get the speed you desire, as the default factory settings may run the ram at a lower speed than max until the workload becomes significant. For example, during idle ryzen master reported 2000 to 2133 memory speed (the only thing running in the foreground was the ryzen master software) but while gaming and video editing workloads, I've seen 2600- 3200 memory speed.

If you are using control panel/task manager, its likely not reporting the actual speed. These windows tools report factory settings. so for high speed RAM you are likely seeing 2133 or 2666 which are 2 reported default clocks. to check in windows run in the command line

wmic MemoryChip get Tag, Speed, Capacity, SerialNumber, Configuredclockspeed

this should give you all the info you need to identify if any chips are not working like the others, Tag tells you which slot it is in and speed will (should) report factory rated and Configuredclockspeed will/should report what its set to

  • 6 months ago
  • 1 point

Hi Sorry, for late response. I'm checking the speed from the BIOS. When I use the XMP profile at 3200 the board beeps. when I set the timings and voltage manually same thing.

So Im trying to find out what confirmed memory 4x16GB 3200 work with this board using the XMP profile or when the timings and voltage are set manually.

Been searching but have not gotten any definitive answers and cant afford change my Corsair LPX unless I'm sure the ram I would change to will work. And MSI and forums no help either from what i looked at so far.

So if you can provide any info, would appreciate it

  • 6 months ago
  • 1 point

With the exception of a single beep at boot (that means successful boot), beeps on mobo are normally error codes, here are the ones for MSI.

if its 1 beep when you are setting ram, it's a RAM refresh error. This is either an issue with the mobo or the RAM. Since you're booting and having the issue with OC, I doubt its a physical issue with the mobo itself, unless its not supplying enough power to the RAM. It could be a BIOS issue like needing a patch to OC the specific RAMM you are using. If it's RAM it might be that it can't reach advertised speed do to Quality issue.

Corsair LPX is a fairly common RAM and I would guess it should be compatible with either Intel or AMD mobo. I'm also guessing that your PSU is adequate for your system, and all mobo power connections are snug.

some possible fixes:

*bios update - get the latest bios for mobo.

*try booting with a single stick of RAM and try to OC (try each stick in your current set up individually). If one works alone and the other doesn't you know the issue is on one of the sticks of RAM. If neither OC then you know the issue is not unique to one of the sticks.

*run the windows command in command prompt I copied below this, whatever configured speed it says, try OC progressively. for example if its set at 2133 then try 2400, then progressively increasing through typical RAM speeds (or through the OC's your mobo supports. (2400, 2666, 2933, 3000, 3200). if multiple speeds below 3200 work then there is an issue with the RAM from production or the mobo isn't delivering enough power.

wmic MemoryChip get Tag, SerialNumber, Configuredclockspeed

Outside of these suggestions I can't think of much that can be done without perhaps testing the mobo and RAM at a microcenter or cpu specialty store, perhaps call one near you?

  • 6 months ago
  • 1 point

Ok. So far I would have tried as you suggested and tested the ram individually and they worked fine, with 2 sticks I was able to get to the rated 3200 but with four sticks only able to get to 2933 anything above that the system doesn't post and this is on the latest bios so I suppose as you mentioned and what I read above the quality of the ram chips may be the reason. Its this binning thin where you buy a product and have to wait to see if it works and for someone who is not living North America it only compounds the issue if there is a problem. Which is what led me pcpartpicker to see if I found any builds with the mobo running 64gb of ram to see if I could get some info. A Lot of places saying B-Die ram will work but even the Memory lists on this and other mobo I've checked dont list them at 64gb yet they advertise the board supports up to 64gb. So it can be a bit annoying and frustrating. Thanks your help will see what next I will try.

  • 6 months ago
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that's good news you can get 3200 with a pair of RAM it makes me think you just need to play with xmp profiles/ RAM voltages

a couple more ideas just on RAM itself

test if you can get 2 pair at 3200, by seeing if all possible pairs of RAM sticks. (ab ac, ad, bc, bd, cd)

try swapping RAM banks (keep the pairs together but swap ram slots 1 with 2 and 3 with 4)