Saved up over 4 years for this during high school. Happy it finally came to fruition.

Part Reviews


Great CPU. AMD has done great work this year. Would recommend a 1700 if you're tight on budget, if you're able to, then get the 1800x, you can't go wrong

CPU Cooler

Great cooler, keeps the CPU icy and isn't too loud


Very nice motherboard. Aura is good, though confusing to use with corsair vengeance RGB.


Good RAM, runs well. Lighting looks good although it's up to taste. Was chosen over G Skill RGB because of price.


Blazingly fast, still a bit pricey but worth it


Great drive, relatively fast and doesn't seem to be too loud

Video Card

Amazing card, the silent mode is the best


Very very nice case, easy to cable manage in, the inclusion of sound dampening is great. Tempered glass implementation is good as well.

Power Supply

Always trusted EVGA, great power supply as always


Amazing keyboard, the wrist rest is a godsend


extremely helpful for getting rid of the ugly brown


Works well, the magnets are helpful for staying in place


Definitely get the magnetic version, 60 cm is the perfect length for the p400s, works well with asus aura


  • 27 months ago
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Verry nice build, What are you temps? I am looking at the same case, AIO and fans combo ;)

  • 27 months ago
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Sorry for the late reply. Right now I'm sitting at around 48C Idle and 60C Load. I'm pretty happy with this considering I haven't gone in and tweaked the fan curves or started overclocking yet. It's looking good though, I would definitely recommend this build.

  • 27 months ago
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Nice, thanks for the reply!

  • 26 months ago
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Your temps will probably be fine with a mid to low oc, the kracken is mainly for looks not performance. For cheaper you could get the corsair h001 v2 which has much better cooling.