I am a first-timer who was previously intimated by the idea of putting together my own rig. I almost pulled the trigger on a top-of-the-line Alienware, but thankfully was convinced at the 11th hour to build instead.

My goal was to build a strong multitasker that could handle some light video editing and anything I threw at it in 1440p. I pick up the Samsung C34F791 first when it went on sale and then combed this website for weeks for tips and advice on everything else. I somewhat regret not going for a Ryzen build, but ultimately am pleased with how it turned out overall. My temps are good, I have been able to slightly overclock the 7700k and the ram and for the first time I don't have to hide my computer under a desk.

More pictures to come.

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While it was a toss up between this and the 1700x, I have been able to get a solid overclock at good temps, so no complaints so far.


Great board. It has all the bells and whistles and the bios is easy to use. Asus Aura integrating seamlessly with Trident Z RGB is a nice bonus.


Lightning fast. Power button to windows log-in in 15 seconds.


Amazing case to build in. Makes cable management easy, even for a first-time builder.


The colors were vivid right out the box and the pronounced curve sucks you into every game or movie. Going Ultrawide is an absolute game changer.


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am new to the pc world and am going with the same exact build of yours (minus the monitor and less storage) so .. 1- why do u regret not going for a ryzen build ? 2-how did u organize ur case fans ? like intakes and exhausts

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While I can't tell you why the op regrets not going for Ryzen, if I were to guess it may be because they do some heavily multi-thread dependant tasks that Ryzen would have been better suited for. That's the only thing I can think of since the 7700k and 1700x are basically the same price.

As for your second question, the most logical orientation would be that they have the 2 front fans as intake for the CPU & the rest of the fans are set to exhaust. Of course I could be wrong. That's just what makes the most sense.

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Quick follow-up to this. Does leaving the front panel of the case on prevent your CPU cooler from pulling in as much air as possible? Is it not counter-productive?

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Well, as long as your case fans have fresh air to pull in then your CPU will always have fresh air to cool itself even if it's a little warmer than the air outside it's still much cooler than the CPU itself. If you mean water cooling specifically like the op's build then the CPU is getting air directly from outside the case as the radiator is likely mounted for intake. You could just have an open air design like on the Thermaltake Core P3 but it's not ideal for air cooling though will still work fine with an air cooler. You usually want the airflow to have some sort of direction for optimal cooling. i.e cool air through the front and out the back or from the bottom and out the top, etc.

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I'm like, drooling over this monitor and debating whether or not I wanna work for an extra month after I have the money for everything else just to afford it. I was considering the LG 34UC79G-B just to have the Ultrawide experience but it's only 2560x1080p. Think it's worth the month? Haha.

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Update: Got the C34F791 used AND on sale for $575 + $35 tax from Amazon. So I got it for $610. Couldn't pass it up for that price!

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