Basically this is the first computer I'm able to buy on my own. I always wanted to do this, so there we go! All the details about it have been tested playing CS GO.


Yes, I know, it's time to get a bigger desk, but for that I need a bigger room!

Over all, it's been an awesome experience to build up my first computer on my own, and specially when I see it running stuff silently, with the fans running at half speed, and with really low temperatures, never more than 35 degrees.

I know I could add more LED fans for aesthetic reasons, but I'm not so interested in that now.

If in the future I add more RAM (probably), I would change at some point the PSU, but the rest of the components, if they don't disappoint me, should last some years with me!

Part Reviews


This processor runs really silent, and actually the fans regulated by the motherboard are always running at half speed or even slower while playing. Running CS GO, it's using around 8% of its resources, at 1.5GHz, at around 30 degrees (max).

I'm not interested in overclocking, so I think this processor covers all my needs smoothly :)

CPU Cooler

Actually very big, but cools down the processor perfectly. I placed it upwards, to push the air up towards the vents of the case. Very easy to install. A recommended cheap CPU cooler if you like ball bearing rather than sleeve.


Just perfect. It has features I'm not interested in, thought to overclock the processor, but it has all the slots I needed, specially all the fan connectors and USBs 3.0 + 2.0 I wanted.


Enough for now, but probably I will add more as soon as I require it.


So far, no problems at all. It boots really fast. I'm using Windows 10, and I have an SSD Samsung 850 EVO in my laptop, and I can really say it's as fast as the laptop (I know it's different hardware, but who cares about 1 or 2 seconds more, it is really fast). Good SSD budget.


Perfect to store whatever you need :)

Video Card

Small, which makes it so easy to attach to the motherboard. It surprised me how good it runs in ultra settings, as I said this PC is really silent and with low temperatures, so I presume the GPU is not giving a high percentage of its performance, but still doing its job perfectly. Just amazing.


Bigger than I expected, and basically the main reason why this PC is called Giant on a dwarf, come on, I know the desk is small, but this monster is huge. Although, very easy to ensemble inside, and good quality. The only disadvantage I found, is that it doesn't have a "speaker" connector for the motherboard, which frightened me the first time when I turned the computer on, and I didn't hear any beep or sound to basically tell me: "hi, I'm alive and you didn't blow me up"

Power Supply

Being honest, it's comfortable the fact that is semi-modular and you can manage the cables easier, but the cables it came with were a bit short I think, or it may be that the case was too big for them! Basically as this case can hold the SSD at the back, the SATA cable for the PSU wasn't actually long enough to plug optical drive + ssd + hdd. Apart from the fact that I'm not happy with the cables it came with, it's doing its job perfectly.

Optical Drive

It does the job. This PC is really silent, but I promise that the biggest noise it gave was with this optical drive. Noisy, but it does the job (Install OS and drivers).

Wireless Network Adapter

Surprisingly fast. When I built up the PC in my office, the connection was as fast as connecting through Ethernet. Really good. Dual channel, at home I can connect to the 5GHz channel, and works fast and smooth. Easy to install, plug and play. Recommended.


Very nice, no problems at all, and the thin edges seem to be nice to have another one. I'm not planning to get another one though, as you can see the desk doesn't have space for it!


This keyboard is awesome. Maybe it's the fact that I'm touching a mechanical keyboard after many years without doing it, and the big change is enough surprise for me. But being honest, it works really good, and it's heavy and sturdy. It stays still wherever you place it, it's really comfortable.


Perfect mouse, I recommend it. Very easy to manage the DPIs, and it's really comfy.


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sorry if this is a stupid question, but couldnt you have gotten the i5 6600k to use the z170 motherboard to the max? From what i know the z series boards are mainly for overlclocking which isnt possible with the i5-6500. (again sorry if this is a stupid question)

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It's not a stupid question. Generally all the build has been made assuming I'm not going to overclock. I know the motherboard has that feature, but I went for it due to its range for ddr speed, and all the peripherals available. Normally a motherboard with many fan connectors, many slots and many hardware features comes as well prepared for being overclocked. As I said, I'm not interested in it. I wanted a plug & play silent PC.

For now everything goes as expected, the only thing I could complain about, is the lack of RAM, as running games that require 8GB, it becomes more difficult to run other tasks in the background. (for example, running a game full video settings + skype with 4, 5 friends).

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How are you finding the VX239? I got one recently but just can't seem to get the settings right, the colours and/or brightness always seem off, no matter how many times I calibrate it. I'm starting ro think my one is defective, as all the reviews I read for it are generally positive.

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I haven't found any problem with it, plug and play. The performance is as expected. I must say it looks weak when it is in your hands, the borders at the bottom edge of the screen seems to be fragile, but so far I haven't had any problem and I'm not the kind of person that punches the monitor, so it should be alright! I use HDMI for it. Check if it is not the cable you are using, most of the times it's a matter of cables. Otherwise, it could be a defect on the monitor itself, but you should sort that out with your provider then.

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Nice build. I have one question which is are the hard drive bays in the Zalman 1 piece of 5 bays? Like if I had to remove the bays because of my GPU being too long, would I have any drive bays left? Thanks in advance.

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For this kind of questions, I think the best answer is always the manual/datasheet. There you have :)

I guess you can remove the bottom bit (where the hard drives are supposed to be), and place your hdd/ssd on top, where I put the optical drive. Disadvantage? This case has 2 fans at the bottom, to cool down the hard drives you place there.

The cables that came with this PSU are not long enough for placing the ssd at the back of the case, I ended up placing ssd+hdd at the bottom bays. Think about the cables too, you have to feed SATA both data and power.

In the manual you have the dimensions, your graphics card may fit!

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Thank you very much