This is my first ever build. I have spent the last 10 years stuck with Dell Precision desktops and laptops. I will be using this build to for my CNC Machine shop, deep learning projects, gaming (VR once the technology improves).

I chose to stick with EVGA for as many of the items as I could. I personally like the style of the products and since I purchased everything directly from EVGA, I ended up getting a 20% discount. Customer service is supposed to be a strong point, I am hoping I do not have to find out.

Part Reviews


So far so good. I decided on this processor due to the 40 lanes. I felt it was a good overall value. As far as overclocking, I am currently sitting at 4.4ghz 1.347 V. I have had it up to 4.5ghz stable but decided to back off of the 1.379 V. Under stress with the 280mm CLC cooler, the temperature doesn't go over 55C. That is with the pump turned all the way up and the fan set to the automatic setting.

CPU Cooler

I really like this cooler. I haven't used any other ones and I'm sure there are plenty of other good choices. It keeps my CPU at around 27C idle and below 55C under stress.


This is my first build, so I have no valid point of reference. I can only say that there has been a several issues that came up, which I assume are par for the course on any build.

I have an EVGA case with USB connections on the top and there weren't enough USB 2.0 headers for the case and the CLC. So the top USB ports on my case are useless, not a big deal since I probably would never have used them.

The main issue I have is with the M.2 slot for the SSD. I purchased a 960 EVO NVME SSD hoping to utilize the good speeds. Unfortunately the M.2 slot uses PCIE ver 2.0 instead of 3.0 so I ended up getting an adapter and plugging it into another PCIE slot which supports 3.0 to maximize the SSD. Not a huge deal, but annoying.


Sufficient for what I need. Probably should have gotten some faster RAM, but was afraid about the stability paired with overclocking the CPU. I plan on maxing it out for deep learning in the future but 128GB will probably be overkill.


I was really torn between the EVO and the PRO series. I decided to go with the EVO because I probably wont use it enough quick enough to wear it out. It's fast, but I'm still not getting the advertised specifications. Samsung Magician says I am at 3187MB/s Read, 1761MB/s Write. I really wish it would have worked in the motherboard as planned. Not Samsung's fault.

Video Card

This card performs really well. If I had to do it over again, I'm not sure that I would get the hybrid. It runs so cool that even with overclocking I can't reach temperatures that even push any limits. I feel that I might have spent an extra $100 dollars on something just to feel very comfortable. I plan on getting a second 1080ti that will not be a hybrid, so I might thank myself later when the second card below it is pushing up lots of hot air. I have pushed it to 2075mHz cpu and 115000mHz memory.


This case is big and heavy. I am happy with my choice and think it keeps everything cool and looks professional. The entire build has been much quieter than expected.

Power Supply

This is my biggest regret on the entire build. I decided on this power supply before fully researching what I need. This thing is just way too much for what I have now and probably anything I will have in the future. I just really wanted a Platinum rating and everything else was sold out at the time. I really wish I would have waited and purchased an 850W. Total OVERKILL.

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  • 31 months ago
  • 2 points

Damn this a beastly build. Probably gained some muscle just lifting that case, meanwhile your components are lifting every day!

Have fun with the build, and welcome to the endless pit of spending money since you have been enlightened by the custom pc market!!!


  • 28 months ago
  • 1 point

NICE!! How well do you rec the 1080 ti ftw3 hybrid? I just got mine today. I'm thinking about returning it and going with an open loop system since I'm thinking about getting an ek-kit p360 for the 8700k. I might as well add a loop for gnu.

Unless that aio gnu is good enough, I'll just stick to the aio.

  • 28 months ago
  • 1 point

custom loops will generally run better....the perks of custom parts and fluid, But way more expensive obviously. I have AIO on my i7-7700k and also on my 1080 SC2 Hybrid, and I'm content

  • 28 months ago
  • 1 point

Awesome. What AIO are you using for your cpu? Overclocked, delidded? What temps are you getting on your cpu and gpu? Min and max.

I should just stick with AIO if it will suffice. I will be delidding my cpu so AIO should be fine.

  • 28 months ago
  • 1 point

CPU isn't overclocked, I keep thinking about it at work and getting home and forgetting to do it if I'm honest. and not delidded, that's gambling and I'm not a gambling man. I can post temps later when im home, but if I'm remembering correctly I usually idle at 29 or 30C, and neither go over 60C under load except maybe during benchmarks or stress tests

  • 28 months ago
  • 1 point

Those are good temps. Thanks.

What are you cooling cpu with?

  • 28 months ago
  • 1 point

If you look at my profile under Saved Parts Lists, my current build is labeled Princess Mononoke. an upgraded version of my old build, Mononoke.

  • 23 months ago
  • 1 point

Quick question i had when i saw your review on the Hybrid GPU. I was wondering why you wanted it to run hotter isn't it better if it is cooled?