This is my first self-build PC, my second PC overall. Building this was a great pleasure, but also nerve wracking sometimes ;).

Done with part of my study, I thought it was time to upgrade from my first pc (i5-6600, GTX 970, 16GB DDR4 2400). Spend months researching what I could get and this is the final result.

The build was fairly easy. Started with the motherboard, put in the CPU, no problems there. Ram in, also easy. After this it was the turn to put in the NVME SSD. There are two slots on the motherboard to put this guy, one with and one without a heatsink, I chose to put in under a heatsink. Removing the heatsink was kinda hard because the screws were a lot smaller than most of the screws for the build and I didn't have the right screwdriver for it. In the end my mate, who was building this with me, found a right screwdriver and it came off. After the NVME was in it's position, it was time to install the CPU cooler. This was the hardest part of the PC build. First it was really hard to get enough thermal paste out of the tube which was delivered with the CPU cooler, then we had struggles to attach the fan to the cooler. In the end it worked out, you just have to be patient. The screwdriver that came with the CPU cooler is a really handy tool because it has magnetic top, it's also pretty long (that's what she said).

After we attached everything to the Motherboard it was time to put the motherboard in the case. This was really easy to do because of the preinstalled I/O shield on the motherboard. After this it was just screwing it in because the case already had the line up thingy for the screws installed and done. Now we put in the PSU, which also was really easy to do in the P400S. Before putting the PSU in I made sure all the cables that I wanted were already in the PSU. This because there is not much space between the PSU and the two hard drive slots (in the end I removed these slots for better cable managament). Then it was time to put in the second SSD, the QVO. In the beginning it was a bit confusing how the 2.5" slots worked, because we detached all the screws, but in the end you could just slide it out, which was way easier. Then it was time to do some cable management. We attached all the wires to the motherboard, exept for one: the pre-installed fans. These were out of the box attached to eachother via some weird cable which didn't want to go on the motherboard. After removing this cable and just put the fans seperate at the designated CPU fan pins they fit. We also installed the RGB strip that was delivered with the case. With this you need to watch out you put it the right way up on the motherboard, otherwise the strip and the on/off button won't light up (when i first started up the pc the RGB strip and on/off didn't want to light up). The last thing to do was to install the GPU, this was also really easy to do. First remove the two slots in the back, then it's just a matter to slide it in and click it in.

After this we attached the monitors, kbm and headset and turned on the PC for the first time. Everything seemed to work fine after some tweaks in the BIOS and installing windows. Really happy with the results, feel free to ask questions!

Part Reviews


Great CPU. Overclockable, fast out of the box and a good speed under full load. This is what high end gamers should have in their pc!

CPU Cooler

This one is a five star in cooling all day+ the screwdriver is super helpful while building the pc, but the installation of this onto the CPU and motherboard was just very hard. Also the thermal past didn't want to get out of the tube, which was annoying.


Very nice ATX motherboard with some RGB. Has a clear manual and performs well.


Great price/performance at the moment of buying. Bought this for around €70, which is quite cheap for DDR4 3200. Does the job.


A very small and very fast SSD. Amazing write/read speeds and more than enough storage together with the QVO 2TB. Out of the package this SSD has 930GB.


Very good SSD, good write/read speeds and 2TB is more than enough. The 2TB is not really 2TB tho, it's 1.81TB, which is quite some loss.

Video Card

This is just an amazing graphics card. Upgraded from a GTX 970 and I'm just stunned how easy this card can handle the toughest games for PC. Most games, like R6, COD MW and FH4 the card uses around 70% of what it can actually do.


Really nice case, enough space for everything, even some cable management. The biggest graphics cards fit in this boi. The RGB strip that is delivered with this case is also a nice extra and works perfect. The noise canceling pads on the top and in the front actually help quite a bit, with my current components I almos can't hear the thing.

Power Supply

Great PSU, seems to work fine and is really quiet.

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  • 1 month ago
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was there any problem with room for ram since the cooler is so big

  • 27 days ago
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A little bit, yes. Because it is indeed a big cooler, it hangs over slot 1, so it is not possible to put a RAM stick there (maybe a small one, but that would be very cramp). I wouldn't say there is much room for slot 2, but it fits. Hope I helped you out with this answer :).