This build I mainly use for gaming ( FSX , and other games , of course although I cant afford any right now ) , and some minor editing. Started saving up for this build in April 2015 and thought " I'll get it finished by the end of the year, somehow" , but as I am still a student, and currently have no real job, ( I did quite a number of odd jobs :) . This took me a lot longer than I had hoped and by the end of 2015 I was still nowhere near a finished Pc , having only purchased a Asus 980ti Strix OC, setting me back $1200 as I bought in August 2015 when it was still brand new ( very stupid I know, thinking back to it now it was a very stupid move) , thinking i would get the parts somehow together. But this was not to happen.

I also purchased my monitor before I purchased the rest of my parts, my logic being "buy all of the most expensive parts first". I also made the mistake of buying LG 49 inch 4K TV (49UF77) along the way, thinking it would be a great monitor, but no it was not as it dwarfed my desk , I thought the better of it, and sold it . Purchasing my current Monitor as a result , which is just superb, that is all I can say. And yes you should get it , I have little BLB , its very acceptable for me . And the difference coming form an 2012 60HZ Asus N56VM laptop is immense , I can see the difference very clearly. Even the option for overclocking to 165HZ is very good in my opinon and stable ( although I had a faulty DP 1.2 cable but a new cable resolved this) , as well as G-sync . This build will hopefully last me a while, as I am not buying a new graphics cards any time soon.

Finally, I also got a free 250GB Samsung SSD , as the seller accidentally supplied me with two , when I originally specified one. Contacted the seller had he said I could keep both, making me feel very lucky.

Also have a stable overclock to 4.2 GHZ constant on my I5 6600k , and I have also tried some form of cable management.

Part Reviews


Very good 10/10 stable overclock to 4.2 GHZ , low physics score in firemark but that is due to hyper threading.


Got one free ! ! , very happy very fast and stable.

Video Card

Very good graphics card has a lot of power , mine scored above 15000 on firemark .


Love the design, quite well designed , although it does have the odd problem ( screws just not aligning) .

Operating System

So far so good.


Not that its working 100% of the time I am very happy , had a faulty DP cable prior. Which was annoying to say the least. Minimal BLB and bleed. I recommend it if you have the money.


Does the job nicely, no need for frills such as RGB or back light.


Very fast, and in my opinon , it fits nicely into ones hand.


BASS is very very very good , shakes the whole room 10/10. 5.1 channel DOES not work in YouTube which is a little annoying.


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Hey, shoot me a message when you've added photos of your build, and I'll get this approved.

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How is the gpu at max settings with that monitor?

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Sorry for getting back so late ( I'am rarely on Pc Partpicker anymore) , the GPU works very well on max settings with the monitor ( although to be fair I generally play older games , as I can not afford newer games currently , but the 980Ti Strix was very good in 2015, and still is quite respectable in my opinon) . The GPU does not even spin on games such as War Thunder or Skyrim or Skyrim SE at High or Max settings in 1440p. This is not because of a faulty GPU but because of its "zero DB" fan design that the card only spins when under load. And in conjunction with the monitor everything is as it should be, no lag in any games , ultra smooth with G-sync ( no stutter, or tearing of any sort, even if maxed out) , and the pc runs quiet too. But if anyone was to build a new PC right now I would suggest looking into newer monitor options and at 1080TI ( when it releases ) for improvements on this PC. Thanks for the interest.