First time PC build

Would imagine it'd be best described as a midway build.

Parts were picked pretty of reviews and peoples options from forum posts, severely lacking in my own PC knowledge.

PSU started off life as a Cool Master V850, on getting in to the build realised it had been sent with a USA plug (order through Amazon UK) which if it wasn't a Sunday afternoon wouldn't have been a (big) drama but it was also sans the main cable that goes to the motherboard.

So it got returned to Amazon and then turned into the HX1000i which is arguably overkill but it gives me plenty of head room if I ever dual GPU (or upgrade to something kickass)

Ram speed problem just needed XMP switching on (or off cant remember) in the BIOS

Cooler should've really been a D15 but was concerned about clearance issue

Hard to comment of the quietness of the Case and fans atm as I have an ear infection and a perforated ear drum, needless to say it sounds quiet.

Part Reviews


Big upgrade from whatever was in my 5 year old Dell Vostro laptop, everything's pretty snappy

CPU Cooler

Very nice looking bit of kit, kinda wished I'd been brave enough to go with the D15, but first build and was worried about clearance issues.

This will become a EKWB waterblock at the end of the year.


May be me but the only fan header that gives direct control is the CPU one, bit disappointed at that.

3 of the fan headers are unreachable with the CPU cooler fitted, not really the MB's fault but a pain in the a**

Trying to decipher which SATA is which from the destruction book melted my head.

Carrying on the destruction book reads as if its been translated from Korean to English, back to Korean and then given to someone who's native language is neither of these two to translate back to English.

XPM has got my RAM playing nicely at full speed

FAST boot seems to be just another name for NORMAL boot ULTRAFAST boot shaves a whole 3 seconds of boot time and handily stops you getting in to the BIOS (BIOS accessible via software or reset)

First build, seems like a lot of connections on the motherboard should be configured at 90 degrees of at least angled to put less strain on them.


Seems snappy, currently got the OS on it, this will get moved on to an M.2 at the end of the year.

Video Card

Filler card till I get a Pascal at the end of the year.


The front LED is ridiculously bright. The floor mesh filter is removed via the rear??? which numpty signed off on that? The top bays are not removable, first build but seems like they should be removable. My Corsair PSU mounting holes don't t line up with the holes in my Corsair case...

This will get changed to the Jonsbo W2 at the end of the year

Power Supply

...bit overkill but still

Runs silent, typically at 31/32c, have set fan to run at 40% keeps it down to 27c

Cables are stiff, cynical side of me assumes this is due to the availability of after market cables given the cost of the unit.

Operating System

Installed via USB with no problems.

Wireless Network Adapter

Not interested on the looks of the inside of the case at all but this still seems like a messy option. Seems like something that should be standard on motherboards

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  • 50 months ago
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Epic pictures (lots of em too) and awesome hardware gets you a....

drum roll


  • 49 months ago
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Having had a bit of time to reflect and settle in, have decided on some upgrades for the end of the year.

Was very nervous about the build, kind of wished I'd bought a junker off E-bay and played a bit would have gone in to the build a lot more informed, likely would have made some different purchase decisions.

Edit: PSU has been flipped over from the pictures shown on here, Ive also secured the floor fan in front of the GPU but will likely remove it.

  • 48 months ago
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Hey, so I'm lurking the builds. How is the PC going for you?

  • 48 months ago
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Cant say Ive really taxed it but for a first build im happy (ish) with it.

Its not noisy but the low grade noise of the fans bugs me, its certainly not as quiet as id imagined it may turn out, but im probably being overly expectant.

Start up takes 19 seconds which in the grand scheme of things is fine, just bugs me when I read people are getting boot times of 6/7 seconds.

At the end of the year, the case will likely become a Jonsbo W2 or something similar.

The CPU will get ebayed and swapped for whatever i7 Kaby lake is doing the rounds.

The GPU will get ebayed for something polaris/pascal flavored to the then equivalent 980ti. Want to aim for a dual 27inch monitor setup 4k/1440p region

It'll also likely end up with a custom water loop.

Or possibly all the above will be incorporated in to a new build and this will get relegated to a back up pc.

  • 48 months ago
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well you got a big PSU, so really think about crossfire or sli. i'm more or less regulated to one card with my psu for now.

polrais cards from what i've been reading wont be a big leap in gfx but will reduce its power usage and size, basically powerfully gpu in laptop from is what AMDs next new thing is going to be apprantly.

i prefer bigger and moar power!

  • 48 months ago
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This is something that is also in the back of my mind, busy year ahead but essentially the next iteration will be (me) a lot more informed and the PC will bleed uber settings.