I've been putting this off for so long this was my main system for a while but now is disassembled. Here is the story if you would like to read. My main system originally started with a fx 6300 upgraded to 8350. When I got my gtx 980 my first enthusiast card. I noticed how even one of the best amd cpu's was holding back my 980. So a month later I decided to go to Intel and skylake was pretty new I decided on that over haswell which was still being sold new at the time as well. So $500 later i decided to go itx as well just to give it a try I found mini gaming computers so cool since they can be just as good as a tower system. So in the end all that is left is the i5 and board all the rest of the parts I sold or were put in my latest system/project atm which I will post in the future.

So starting with the system I bet the first question people might ask is how i got one of the biggest 980's in my case it was a miracle I had to order custom cables so the case can even stretch ten the case could shut and I'm not the only person who has done this there's actually a vid on youtube how to do so. But yeah besides that this rig was a beast and gave little issues besides putting in the 980, temps were just fine.

In the end this was my little beast pc and served me well a decent peroid of time. The name rave box comes from the fact I love edm and the rgb of the hue.

Part Reviews


Best Gaming CPU I've ever owned.


My first gaming motherboard and yes they are worth it if you like the kitchen sink of features and want to achieve high Oc's


Surprisingly fast for a cheap ssd 515 mbs read meh write speeds but dosent bother me at 150 mbs


Rock solid still serving as my game library disk from my first pc.

Video Card

Very fast at 1477mhz boost clock competes with a reference 980 ti only issue is no back plate and for a $500 card really ....

Operating System

Now is win 10 win 8 sucks


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Like the tiny