Oh, A.L.I.C.E. ...

After about a year and a half of saving my money, and building computers on the side, i was finally able to build MY computer and forsake my HP pre-built!

The only REAL problems i had building this gaming rig were the fact that i suck at cable management and that i bought incompatible fans. I did faulty research and bought 3 ARGB fans for a system that doesn't support ARGB :(( BUT! With the help of an RGB converter (which was harder to find than i thought it'd be), and some Cable splitters, i managed to make it all work.

Functionally, this pc was built in August '19, but i haven't considered it to be actually finished until January '20, which is when i finally installed the final component (The second Samsung 860 EVO).

I don't know what else to say other than I love the way it turned out, I love the way it looks, and I'm enjoying every game in my steam library at max settings!

Part Reviews


It runs fast and it runs as intended. It's hard to find an issue with this CPU. It can stand up to Google Chromes thirst for all of my cores so its a solid processor in my book lol

CPU Cooler

My CPU runs at 4.3 GHz and it idle's at ~23°C and while under load has yet to exceed 50°C. This cooler, along side the IC Diamond thermal paste i used, make sure that I don't have to worry about thermal throttling at any point.

My only gripe, and you'll see this in other reviews too, is that NZXT's CAM software is bugged. In my instance, for a while it would un-recognize the Kraken in the software which led me to go into about an hour rabbit hole of looking up how to fix it. That being said, it was an issue with the optional software, not the cooler itself, so it keeps a 5-Star in my opinion.

I recommend getting this is AIO cooler if you've got the money for it

Thermal Compound

This thermal paste, when used with my aio water cooler, keep my cpu under temp at all times. This ones pretty much a need.


The lights on the motherboard are sort of dim, while ironically the lights on the DIMM slots are a super bright white (but not programmable). I didn't actually know the MSI logo was supposed to light up until i went to do this review lol.

Other than that, this motherboard looks incredible in my system, works great as part of my system, and also allows me to, in conjunction with my nzxt smart device, run almost whatever rgb scheme I like. A good Z370 board


They look incredible and work great. They are programmable through MSI Mystic Light, which was something I was looking for. I got 32gb of this RAM and it's worth it


Got this ssd installed in my old system by a computer repair store and resented it a little bit because they price gouged me for the whole process ($500 for an ssd install and a data clone!!! My old system cost me $600!!!!!).

But the drive is actually good. When it was my bootdrive my boot time was quick. Now that its a regular storage drive on my current system, it boots my steam games just as fast.


Fast, Reliable, and the name gives your system clout. A great SSD for any build!

Video Card

I got this card for about $120 under market value (at the time) brand new and was thrilled. It runs all my games at max settings while also running VERY cool in my system. This card crushes my steam library and I HIGHLY recommend it if you've got the capital in your budget.


I knew i wanted this case when i saw it. The full tempered glass front panel shows off everything my systems got, The cable management gives you a lot of room to play (even though i suck at it :o ), and the included smart device and LEDs make building an RGB system in this case very easy. It's a clean design and it looks sharp on my desk. i recommend it

Power Supply

It's quiet, it's fully modular, and it gives you Velcro straps to help manage cables. It had the perfect amount of cables to fit my system, and hasn't faltered since installation. It's a dope psu

Wireless Network Adapter

This adapter is good, but I've also experienced packet loss at almost random intervals. Occasionally dropping my network entirely. This is frustrating when I'm doing something like playing League of Legends or Monster Hunter World with my friends only to be suddenly ejected from the game and the discord call.

But, other than that (which may be a personalized case), this card gives me low latency and low ping.

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Nice build!