Hello All…. OK, so this is my first build in a long time. I mean like 2001 time. I am a system engineer and will be working from home full time now, so I decided to build something to play while a server is configuring on my work computer :) So the basics have not changed much, but there is a lot more bells and whistles (i.e., RGB and CUSTOMIZATION EVERYWHERE).

OK, all of the boxes arrived, so its time to get started.

Issue: OK, so no major problem with the builds other than not knowing about the processor cooler mounts and the RGB fans. So with the fans at first I went with the Deep Cools fans. I have plugged three into the mobo RGB header. When I fired up the system for the first time, the fans light up; then after about a minute, they were off. Not sure if I blew the header or not. I did some quick troubleshooting and decided to go by the Corsair LL120 and commander pro. Fired this up and everything worked out the box. I am using JackNet Sync to link the Aura Sync RGB’s and the Corsair LL120 fans. It works, but sometime the software will fall out of sync. I quick restart of the software will sync all the RGB back up.

Part Reviews


I went with the i9 because it was the latest at the time of the build, and I did not want to upgrade for a while. It was out of stock for about two weeks, but I received a notification from Amazon when it was in and ordered it. I am not sure when the processor started coming without all of the pins under the bottom but THANK YOU!!! Back in the day, you can easily bend a pin causing an issue with the processor or another trip to the store, in hopes they will replace it.


Since I am currently not a hard gamer, I went in the mid-range with the ASUS. Note to self, in my day. The fan bolts were attached to the motherboard. So imagine my surprise, when I had to remove the mobo to install the bracket for the cooler. Lesson learned lol.


I chose this case because my wife is picky about what goes in the house. With this case, it brings a modern feel that she approved. Building it was not bad at all. The instructions were simple and straight forward, and if I had to complain, it would have been nice to have them on a larger scale. The book they come in is small, so it could be hard to see the screw sizes at times.

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  • 6 months ago
  • 2 points

Why did you choose the Rx 570?? It’s still a solid GPU but it’s seems a little on the weak side with the 9900k...

  • 6 months ago
  • 1 point

Not sure really. I am not a big gamer right now, but may look into a different one once I get more into it.

  • 6 months ago
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Nice build! Couldn't help but notice the wall above your pc, I remember my basic at Ft. Sill back in 2004.

If I may ask, are those two enterprise servers on top of your file cabinet and do you use them?

  • 5 months ago
  • 2 points


Thanks and yes. I have VMware running on them and a few different OS for testing and training before I break something at work. Now that we are moving to MS Azure for IaaS, its more for my self-learning.

  • 1 month ago
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cancer set up