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About PCPartPicker

Pick Parts. Build Your PC. Compare And Share.

PCPartPicker provides computer part selection, compatibility, and pricing guidance for do-it-yourself computer builders. Assemble your virtual part lists with PCPartPicker and we'll provide compatibility guidance with up-to-date pricing from dozens of the most popular online retailers. We make it easy to share your part list with others, and our community forums provide a great place to discuss ideas and solicit feedback.

Simplified Building

  • Part lists broken out by filterable categories to ensure you include all the necessary components.
  • Automatic compatibility guidance limits choices to parts known to be compatible, and warns you if you pick incompatible parts.
  • Easy sharing through Twitter, Facebook, part list permalinks, as well as auto-generated markup text for Reddit and many forums.

Price Tracking

  • Continuously updated prices from dozens of the most popular online retailers.
  • Configurable mail-in rebates and sales tax rates - easily enable/disable mail-in rebates and per-retailer tax rates in price calculations.
  • Price history charts for both parts and part lists.
  • Price trending on a part category basis lets you see what is happening to prices on a macro level.

Price Alerts

  • Part price alerts let you set price thresholds on specific parts - get notified by email when a retailer offers a price lower than your set amount.
  • Parametric price alerts let you set price alerts on an entire product category with customizable filters.


  • Forums provide a great place to solicit ideas and part list feedback.
  • Completed Builds posted by users let you see a range of builds, filterable by part types.

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